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how much time did you guys use on the makinh of the game? I LOVE IT BTW ^-^

Thanks! About a month or two, on and off.



I like it but as you said its bittersweet it cuts off ending things and making you want more but never the less nice visual novel

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Hi Eyzi

I am new to this but did you make this anime?

It's just a visual novel. And yes, I created this one.


Thats so cool!

I loved it.

But hey is it okay if you tell me a good website to make a visual novel cause i cant find any?


You can search up ren'py. That's what I use.

The theme was great, did you make it? I would like to learn how to play it on piano. Do you have sheet music?

Hey. Thanks. Yes, I did. Sadly I composed it throught fruityloops so i have no music sheet for it.

I read your vn and I let the feels flow through me.
Very nice work. It looks like a professionally done visual novel. Good.
And...did you do all the art? It's actually very good.

Yeah, I did all the art. The backgrounds weren't really as good as I wanted them to be because, I'll admit, those were rushed. Thanks for reading it!